Abstract & Prize Submissions 2020

***Submission deadline extended to 23rd September 2020***

Submit your abstract to PET is Wonderful 2020 and apply to the “Gamma Prize – PET Contest 2020” using this form:

Apply to the “Very Important Project (VIP) PET Prize 2020″ using this form:

Some colleagues have reported difficulties in editing the abstract submission form, therefore we have updated the form version on the 8th September 2020. If you still experience issues editing the form, please submit your abstract as a Word document to PiWTeam@ed.ac.uk and the PET is Wonderful Team will transfer the content to the submission form on your behalf. Please keep abstract content within the requested character limit indicated in the form above.

What is the “Gamma Prize – PET Contest 2020”?

Abstracts submitted will be judged by the international chairs. One abstract per country will enter the competition for best proffered oral presentation and the best presentation will win the “Gamma Prize”. Delegates attending the PET is Wonderful 2020 will vote on the best presentation online during the meeting. One member of the winning group will be invited to present at the PET is Wonderful 2021 in Edinburgh, Scotland, on the 26th October 2021. Prize includes free meeting registration in 2021 and travel costs up to a maximum of £750. 

What is the “Very Important Project” (VIP) PET Prize?

The “Very Important Project (VIP) PET Prize” provides you with an opportunity to lift your PET project idea off the ground.

Why? –To foster and support your pilot PET project. – •When? –Once each year (winner announced at PET is Wonderful Annual Meeting). – •What is included? –Up to 6 h preclinical PET/CT scanning including radiotracer production costs.

VIP Prize 2020 Terms and Conditions can be found here:

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